As you may have noticed, I’m not very good at this whole writing thing. I definitely knew that there would be a time when the blog would get stagnant and I would write a post explaining my hiatus. I did not expect that this post would come a month into the blog and only three posts in. Everything was going so well. I had a schedule, I had topics, I had a plan. Then I had writer’s block, I had things to do. One thing I didn’t have…blog posts.

I quickly realized that writing is going to be something that I have to fight for. I usually give up on new and exciting ideas that I have when they don’t meet my expectations. It’s a problem. I usually get all excited and then… I don’t follow through. I thought about giving up on the blog altogether. Looking at my track record, I have good reasons to doubt. It took me almost a whole year to just start posting and then I wrote 2 posts and stopped for a month! It is easy to say that my efforts and “stick-to-it” attitude are laughable at best.

That being said, I am not going to give it up. Here is why:
One of my friends asked me, “What are you trying to do…be famous?” First, thanks for the encouragement, bud…. Second, no, no I am not. I am not writing this blog to be famous but because writing is important. In an age of no online accountability, where there are more fake identities than real people, putting your name on something and “publishing” it is vital. At the very least, even if no one reads, it will give me a sense of conviction for the things that I truly believe about life and the world.

Being completely transparent, I wanted this blog to be something I am not. I wanted to write posts that didn’t truly communicate the religious ideals that I hold near and dear. I wanted this blog to be about self discovery through the other and come from a more secular standpoint. My reasoning was that I didn’t want this blog to devolve into a self-help blog with a prescribed outcome. There are too many blogs that are prescriptive in nature. As an example, here are blogs no one should read:

  • “18 reasons to get married before you hit 28”
  • “16 things you should do instead of getting married at 28”
  • “21 things you should do instead of reading ‘16 things you should do instead of getting married at 28’”

The list goes on and on and on and it drives me nuts! Just stop telling people what to do and start living your own life. I don’t want this blog to be about telling you how to do things or what to do. I don’t want people to post my blog on their news feeds thinking smugly… YEAH, that’ll tell the haters. That is not who I am. I am waaay too post-modern to believe I have everything figured out. Instead, I want to share my experiences about life and invite others to do the same. That is what RuleEight is about. Its about sharing and through that I hope we all can find Truth.

In my honest efforts, what I was trying to do was separate out my spiritual identity in order to not alienate a broader group of people. But I can’t do that. Faith is in me through and through. To ask me to separate my thoughts away from Christ would be to take out my soul; my very being. It would leave my posts devoid of passion and reason. I would be hard-pressed to write anything of substance and that is what I was trying to do… It wasn’t working.

That being said, I promise to whoever reads this blog, that I won’t seek to do that anymore. Sure, this may just turn into another Christian blog that talks about how a “twenty-something” is trying to “figure it out” with Jesus. If that is what it turns into, ok, that is who I am. I can’t be who I am not and for better or worse, I am cliche, I am routine, I have happened and will happen again.

But, I will press on.