“If you cannot make yourself what you would wish to be, how can you bend others to your will? We want them to be perfect, yet we do not correct our own faults. We wish them to be severely corrected, yet we will not correct ourselves. Their great liberty displeases us, yet we would not be denied what we ask. We would have them bound by laws, yet we will allow ourselves to be restrained in nothing. Hence, it is clear how seldom we think of others as we do of ourselves.”

-Thomas a Kempis

The essence of knowing yourself is found in these words by theologian Thomas รก Kempis. Knowing who you truly are starts with rightly divining your self-worth and your own place as it is situated in the lives of others. As much as we may like to think, our stories and our situations do not sit inside a vacuum devoid of the world around it.

When I get on social media these days I am concerned with what I see. If it isn’t a picture of someone doing something with their friends or a nonsensical (or sometimes eerily accurate) buzzfeed post then it is probably something posted in ignorance. From Phil Robertson’s comments to Justine Sacco’s careless tweet, people all too often speak without truly understanding the effects of what they are about to say. This happens on a much smaller scale every day but by ordinary folks.

How many of us have been needlessly offended by an article that is written for the sole purpose of being propagated by malcontents who desire to create chaos through gross generalizations and a lack of desire to truly listen and love our neighbor as ourselves (aka trolls)?
Our independent experiences rely heavily on an interdependent system of narrative that cannot be disregarded.
We must seek each other out to understand the “other”. This is the beginning of knowing yourself. In order to understand ourselves we must understand

what is around us.

what formed us.

what influenced us.

what has given and what has taken away.

Only then can we begin to believe who we are.

That is what this blog is all about. It is an exploration of the ideas that have made you who you are.

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”


Do you believe that this is true? Are you willing to put your own thoughts about the world to the test and examine who you are through the eyes of the other? Do you want to know what it means to exist? What it means to be you?

I do and I will be posting [some of] it here for your reading pleasure.